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Hunter's Ed Preparation & Guidance Course

For youth of ALL ages

This course was intended for the youngest or newest of hunters

Designed to help youth prepare for their actual Hunter's Ed. course and test

This program is by demand, but we plan to have a good time every time

Hunting Preparation

About Hunter's Ed Preparation & Guidance Course


Hunting is a shared tradition and storied pastime for many families.  According to statistics, many young people in this day and age are letting this tradition pass away.  Because of that it may become harder to find a live Hunter Education course, with many courses now being delivered solely online.  Many people enjoy the activity of hunting because it is a shared experience between family and friends, and it is a connection to our heritage as a people.

We hope to give this preparation course a relaxed and personal feeling to encourage youth to enjoy the experience.  Having a more personal course should help many to pass their online courses and exams with greater ease.  When youth can connect knowledge to a personal experience, it is typically easier to recall that information.

This is not a Hunter's Education course, but we hope to help prepare our youth so that they can easily earn that license, and start to enjoy a tradition that they can hand down to their children.

Hunter Guide

Required Materials

  • Willingness to learn and have fun in a relaxed environment
  • Spiral bound notebook or other writing pad
  • Writing utensils; both pen and pencil just to be safe
  • Sack lunch, snacks, & drinks in case we run long
  • NRA Hunter's Guide will be supplied

Our Venue

All Central Arkansas Hawkeyes practices take place at our home range, S7 Tactical - Arkansas Gun Club, unless otherwise stated by the head coach of a particular program.


Registration Is The Month of August!

Registration for all youth shooting sports takes place in the month of August to correspond with National Shooting Sports Month.

Registration opens August 1st!


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