Our Pillars

The Pillars of our Program

In order to achieve great heights in any endeavor, you must have a strong base and firm foundations.  It is no different with the youth shooting sports.  The Central Arkansas Hawkeyes strives to lay that essential groundwork, in order to yield future success.

Pillars of Law and Justice United States Supreme Court

The Foundations of our success

No matter what we do, our success depends upon the foundations on which we stand.  The past success of the Hawkeyes program has been built on the fundamental framework of both character and marksmanship.  Both are needed to be successful at any level, from the most novice of beginners to the Olympic caliber marksman.


Pillars of Principle

Whether at home, work, or play, our character is built on the principles by which we stand.  We want all Hawkeyes members to be of exemplary reputation and influence.   These seven foundational principles help us achieve that goal.








Black and white, Close up of a shooting target and bullseye with bullet holes

Pillars of Performance

The fundamentals of marksmanship apply to any and all shooting activities.  We build upon these fundamentals to improve our skills and develop our competitive performance.  Mastering these fundamentals is essential for success.

Stance & Body Positioning

Proper Grip and Shouldering

Sight Alignment

Sight Picture

Breathing Control

Trigger Squeeze

Follow Through