Our Requirements


We are looking for youth of high moral fiber and good character and conduct.  Quality over quantity is important to our program.

Teamwork and Spirit

Shooting is often an individual sport.  We are all Hawkeyes.  Our youth should help and support each other in success or defeat.

Safe Conduct

Safety is paramount both on and off the firing line.  Youth and families are expected to display safe conduct, and follow range rules at all times.


This is a competitive organization.  Like any other team it takes time and practice to excel.  We want youth who will commit to the team.


Sportsmanship is a defining characteristic of our program.  Win or lose, we hold our heads high, and we treat our opponents with respect.

Leadership Through Service

We want leaders!  That often comes with learning to serve.  Older youth are expected to volunteer at range events, club functions, and to help younger club members.


In order to reach the highest potential, youth must be willing to listen.  Shooting can be a challenge.  Youth must be coachable to excel.


Our youth get better every year.  A safe level of proficiency is expected of all youth.  Tryouts may be required to prove a youth's proficiency.

Parental Involvement

While parents may not be coaches on the line, we need the eyes of parents to help keep a safe range environment.  At least one parent per family should attend all practices and events.

Basic Equipment Requirements

(Included With Full Payment of Registration)

  • Adjustable Sling

  • Kneeling Roll

  • Practice Shirt

  • Match Jersey

  • BBs and/or Pellets

  • Other Equipment Requirements

    Since shooting sports is very personalized, and so are the results, guns and ammunition are the responsibility of the athlete and parents.  Some of that equipment can be ordered through the club.  If it can't be ordered by the club, then we have a partnership with JNK Tactical, and they may be able to order the equipment for you.

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