Looking for a way to get your youth involved with the shooting sports?

The Central Arkansas Hawkeyes youth shooting sports club is expanding the ways that your children can get introduced to the world of shooting sports, educationally & competitively.


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Youth Competitive Programs

For years our competitive program has been synonymous with precision BB Gun competition.  The Central Arkansas Hawkeyes club is expanding, and with that comes more opportunities.  Depending on interest and the number of people that register for these programs, here are the disciplines that we now offer to our youth.  We have limited space in each discipline so be sure to sign up for your area of interest.  Registration will begin in August to correspond with National Shooting Sports Month.  Seasons run in conjunction with the standard school year calendar.  Practices usually start in early fall with matches taking place in winter, spring, or even summer.

Daisy BB Gun

Precision BB Gun

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Ages: 9 to 15, or 4th Grade to 10th Grade (minimum age must be met prior to Jan 1)

Distance: 5 meters - Indoor     

Recommended for those youth who have never shot competitively before.  This program instills basic marksmanship and proper gun handling in a competitive environment.  Includes a written safety test.

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Sporter PCP Air Rifle

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Ages: 12 to 18, or 7th Grade to End of High School (minimum age must be met prior to Jan 1)

Distance: 10 meters - Indoor

Recommended for those older youth who have already been introduced to the basics of competitive shooting and who are looking for an increased challenge.  Must be able to safely handle the competitive air rifle and a spotting scope on their own.

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Precision Air Rifle

Precision Air Rifle & .22 - By Special Inquiry Only

Level: Advanced to Junior Olympic

Ages: 14 to 20, or 9th Grade to College (minimum age must be met prior to Jan 1).  It is highly recommended that you do not start this level of shooting any later than 9th Grade if you want to prepare for a path to collegiate shooting.

Distance: 10 meters to 50 meters - Indoor (50 meters outdoor)

For advanced older youth shooters who are already skilled in competitive shooting and who are looking for a path to collegiate or elite competition.

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IDPA Pistol


Level: Advanced to Expert

Ages: 15 to 20, or 10th Grade to College (minimum age must be met prior to Jan 1)

Distance: Variable - Outdoor

Recommended for advanced teen shooters who have completed our other disciplines and/or who desire a different style of shooting besides precision rifle.

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Youth Educational & Recreational Programs

The Central Arkansas Hawkeyes program also has a couple of educational and recreational events that you can take advantage of, both of which occur during the summer!

S74H Badge

S7 & 4-H Summer Day Camp

Level: Beginner Non-Competitive

Ages: 7 to 10

Distance: 5 meters - Indoor & Outdoor.  This will be a fun preparatory program following the Daisy 10 Lesson Curriculum.  Designed for young kids preparing for competition.

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Magnificent S7 Shootout

Magnificent S7 Shootout

Level: Any Level

Ages: 8 to 16

Distance: 5 meter - Outdoor.  A fun gift for any Father's Day.  Create a team with your child and compete head to head with other teams to see if you come out on top.

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What Can Youth Get From Our Programs?

A Family Friendly Environment

Lifetime Relationships

Care In Instruction

Respect and Knowledge of Firearms

Growing Self Confidence

Healthy Team Development

Exposure to different skills

Competitive And Fun Environment

Thumbs Up

How are we doing!? We are always looking for ways to improve!

Please contact us, and let know how we are doing!  We welcome feedback and suggestions!  It is always our desire to strive for excellence in what we provide to our youth and their families!!

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Still need more information? We'll be happy to meet with you.

Shooting sports is an investment, and if you are new to the sport it can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming.  We want to do what we can to make you confident in your choice.  Success is a team effort from beginning to end, and we want you on our team.  If you would like to schedule a meeting to better answer your questions, please contact us!  We can also point you to any interest meetings that we may have scheduled.