Our Pledge

The Hawkeye Pledge of Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do, both on and off the firing line.  That is why we ask all people associated with the Hawkeyes program, coaches, volunteers, competitors, and parents, to commit to our pledge.  Our pledge of excellence exemplifies how we want to be seen as competitors, and as members of the shooting sports community.


Please take the pledge with us!

The Hawkeye Pledge of Excellence is printed below!  Please take a moment to recite the pledge for yourself, and once again with your youth.  We ask that you and your children commit yourselves to these words if you seek to join the Central Arkansas Hawkeyes organization.  It is an important part of what we do, who we are, and how we conduct ourselves.  Our pledge is adapted directly from the pledge that all competitors must take as part of the Daisy National Match.  Some minor adjustments have been made to fit our program.

As a member of the Central Arkansas Hawkeyes, I,_______, do solemnly pledge that:

  • I accept the responsibility and privilege of representing my team, my community, and my state

  • I will commit myself to excellence in all things

  • I will conduct myself safely at all times, both on and off the range

  • I will abide by the judgment of my instructors and match officials

  • I will live up to the highest standards of good sportsmanship

  • I will treat my opponents with utmost respect

  • I will strive for the honor of victory

  • I will win with a humble heart

  • I will lose with a spirit of grace

  • I will do both with dignity towards all

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